Canvey Island
Launching from the cafe

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Rigging Area

Rigging Area at the cafe.




The Beach

The Beach, 3 Hours after a 4.6m High Tide




30 mins before low tide

30 Minutes before low tide (5.4m)




Steps Leading to the beach

The Steps leading down to the beach


Canvey Island is Situated to the west and south of Chalkwell, the island’s beaches are right on the deep water of the Thames where the estuary narrows considerably.

Launching From The café (The Welcome Hut) on the south side of Canvey The beach faces SSE and the water water is available up to 6 hours either side(all day) on tides on 5mtr or less. As the tide sizes increase so the tides go out further to approx 100yds and there is quite thick mud here to wade through.

There are a substantial amount of rocks here which are covered with broken sea shells and are to be avoided.

As the Thames is a lot narrower here the tidal flows are fast especially on the big tides, this an advantage when sailing wind against tide because you can carry out gibe after gibe and loose no downwind ground, Also a westerly wind against the incoming tide has apparently the same effect as in the Gorge due to the strong current of the Thames.

When the tide and wind are in the same direction it is very difficult to impossible to get back to the launching area for this reason even the very accomplished local windsurfers stop under these conditions.

The car park here is £2.00 for all day There are sloped grass rigging areas and you'll have to take your kit over the sea wall defences and down steps the other side. At high tide the beach is covered so launching and landings have to be carried out on the sloping part of the wall.

After bearing in mind all of the above and picking the right time and wind direction a great days windsurfing can had at this location especially on SW or E from blasting in the shallower water or venturing out towards the main channel were there are big evenly spaced swells/waves loved by the local wave sailors’.


How to get There

From Canvey Way

1. Head southeast on Canvey Way/A130
2. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Canvey Rd/A130
     Continue to follow A130
     Go through 2 roundabouts
3. Turn right at Thorney Bay Rd
4. Continue onto Western Esplanade



Directions to Canvey


GPS Coordinates

51° 30’ 40.77” N


0°.35’ 27.93” E




Nearest Postcode:




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